Welcome to the Online QTH of W5AFW

I got my first ham ticket when I was 13, WN5IDU. My SWL call before that was WPE5CIY, assigned by Popular Electronics Magazine. I was licensed as WB5AFW in 1968, and in 2005, I changed my call to W5AFW.

I enjoy DXing and contesting, even though Im only running 100 watts with a little G5RV antenna that cant see over the roof of my house. I use all modes, but cw is my favorite. My antenna keeps me on 40-10 meters. I like 30 meters best.

I was very active as WB5AFW from 1968 through 1972, working 300 countries and earning one of the first Five Band Worked All States plaques issued by ARRL. At that time, I was running a Collins KWM2 with a Collins linear amplifier and a two element cubical quad antenna up 12 meters. I was net control for several DX nets and I ran lots of phone patches for service men overseas and scientists in Antartica. My QTH then was Tulsa, Oklahoma. Hunting DX without internet cluster spots was like fishing without sonar.

I was inactive from 1975 until 2005, when I picked up an Icom 726 on Ebay and then quickly upgraded to a 746pro. I really like this radio! In addition to keeping my shack up to date, I try to keep my skills polished. Consequently, I upgraded my license to Extra Class in July, 2007. The extra band privileges are useful, particularly when it comes to DX.

My other new favorite thing is pc-control. I think Ham Radio Deluxe is phenomenal and I applaud Simon, HB9DRV, the program author. I use a Tigertronics USB interface and K1ELs fine Winkey USB for keyboard and remote cw. This great new technology makes ham radio fun now despite the nearly S-9 ambient noise level coincident with my urban QTH.

Im working on DXCC via LOTW. I started in January, 2006, and in July, 2007, I reached my first goal of 100 country LOTW confirmations. In addition to LOTW, I QSL via eQSL.CC, and I respond to all bureau cards. Postage costs prohibit direct QSLing for me, except on rare occassions and even for dxpeditions to far-off places, I like LOTW confirmations. I enjoy the great cards I have. Im just glad I got them all back when postage was a dime!

73s and best DX! CUL, lex, W5AFW